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Toilet Broken

The toilet in the right-hand stall in the women’s restroom in the admin lobby is misbehaving. Several folks have reported trouble with it this week, but it’s not consistent in the way it misbehaves. We suspect it’s an issue with how the water flows...

Studio A doorknob loose

The exterior side of the doorknob leading into Studio A is jiggly. You can see the mechanics between the knob and the door itself. I also had a little trouble unlocking the door today, but that might not be related to the loose knob.

Automatic Door Busted (Again)

Looks like the automatic door mechanism is once again loose and getting caught on the door frame when it opens! It’s going halfway, then stopping. I’ve turned off the motor for now. Sending pictures your way as well!

Studio A Blinds Not Working

I see here that the blinds in A fell on 2/16. As of 2/23, it looks like they were remounted. However, they don’t respond to the cord when you pull to open them. The cord is very tough to pull and makes a grinding noise. I’m choosing medium urgency because...