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Sump Pump outlet sparking

The paint sink is not usable at the moment because the sump pump has to be on and working or else the water will overflow. The sump pump is also not supposed to be running consistently. It usually turns on intermittently to suck the water out. Several months ago the...

Leak/dripping faucet in Studio A janitor closet

We discovered a puddle by where the tables are in the Studio A janitor closet. The faucet was also dripping a little, but I’m not sure it was enough to cause a puddle to form. There might be a leak somewhere and the puddle we saw was rainwater.

Light out upstairs

The hallway light upstairs doesn’t appear to be working. I flipped the light switch quite a few times and walked down the hallway each time to try and trigger the motion sensor, but the light still wouldn’t come on.

Green Room AC

Not sure where we landed when I brought this up last time but the AC is still just pushing out warm air. This is a critical fix as Makeup Class has now started and we have many bodies moving around in a tiny space with no airflow.