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All youth deserve the opportunity to experience exceptional performance arts education, regardless of their ability to pay. At SPARC, we work hard to make sure tuition costs are not a barrier to personal growth, creative expression, and community connections. Each year, as many as 1/3 of program participants can access scholarships, thanks to generous community donations.

Application Instructions

Families only need to apply for a scholarship once per programmatic year. This means that if you apply for a scholarship for Fall 2024 classes, you won’t need to reapply in the same year for Spring 2025 classes or Summer 2025 camps.If you applied for a scholarship between Fall 2023 and Summer 2024, you will need to reapply for programs that take place between Fall 2024 and Summer 2025.

To be considered for a scholarship, be sure to submit your application before the program’s due date. Application due dates for upcoming programs are included below.

  •     Fall Classes – applications due by  August 28, 2024.


  1. Before you complete and submit your scholarship application, please contact our office. We will hold a spot for your student in their preferred program while you work on your scholarship application. Please wait to enroll in class until you’ve heard from SPARC by email with details about your scholarship award level. 
  2. Usethis online formto complete and submit your scholarship request.
  3. After you submit your application, we will contact you by email to confirm your award level.Scholarship award emails are sent at least one week before programs begin.Scholarship awards range from approximately 25% to 95%. Additional information about the scholarship award process is included in the online application and in the FAQs below.
  4. When we send your award amount, we will also provide you with the information you’ll need to enroll your student(s) and apply your scholarship award to discount the cost accordingly.

Are you a teenager who needs to cover program costs on your own? If so, please call or email us to discuss how we can help you to address payments. We look forward to talking with you!

Scholarship FAQs

How do I get started with the scholarship process?

Please contact our office before you enroll in a program or complete the scholarship application. A member of our team will hold a spot for your child in their preferred program while you complete the scholarship forms. We’ll continue to hold that spot until your application is reviewed and an award level is determined.

What types of scholarships does SPARC provide?

SPARC’s scholarships are awarded based on expressed financial need.

Scholarships are awarded on a sliding scale and typically range from 25% to 95% discounts on the cost of programming.

Do I qualify for a scholarship?

SPARC does not have formal parameters to define who qualifies for a scholarship. We understand that financial needs vary from one family to the next and encourage anyone who feels they may benefit from some amount of assistance to apply for a scholarship.

Applicants have the option to include a personal statement along with their financial statement, if they feel it will help the scholarship committee to gain a better perspective of their family’s circumstances.

What will I need to include in my application?

The scholarship application is brief, with fewer than 15 questions. Most of these questions ask for details like names, contact information, and number of people in the household.

Toward the end of the application, you’ll need to include a statement of your family’s net monthly income (AKA “take-home pay”). Then you’ll need to attach verification of your income. We prefer to review recent documentation that best speaks to your family’s current circumstances.

Examples of acceptable income verification documents include…

  • approval of unemployment insurance claims
  • paystubs dated in the last two weeks
  • SNAP benefits statements
  • WIC benefits statements
  • TANF benefits statements
  • FAMIS enrollment statements
  • free or reduced breakfast/lunch enrollment
  • the first two pages of your most recent federal tax return (if that return is still representative of your current income)

If you do not have access to any of these types of documents, please email us at sparc@sparcrichmond.org to discuss what other options you may have.

How does SPARC review the financial information I include in my application?

Our scholarship committee uses the annual Federal Poverty Guidelines as a measurement tool for determining what amount of scholarship discount to award. These guidelines are used by many organizations to determine eligibility for federal social services. At SPARC, we use the guidelines to better understand a household’s overall financial picture.

What does my child’s scholarship cover?

Families only need to apply for a scholarship once per programmatic year (September to August).

Scholarships support a young person’s participation in one class per program per season for the year. For example, an award can support a young person’s participation in one fall training class and a production that same fall. Another young person could participate in one Live Art class for the year and participate in Spectrum for the full year, too.

In the summer, a young person can attend a maximum of two weeks of programming with scholarship support. Summer scholarships also support the cost of early arrival and extended afternoon care.


If you have questions about the scholarship application process, please contact our office at sparc@sparcrichmond.org, or call us at 804.353.3393 ext. 222.

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