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Summer FAQs


When does registration for SPARC summer camps open?

Registration for SPARC summer camps will open early January!

How do I register?

Please register online by visiting sparc.coursestorm.com.
You’ll find that CourseStorm streamlines the registration process in many ways, especially through its shopping cart feature (sign up for multiple camps or enroll multiple students in one transaction!) and automated payment plan function.

What ages do SPARC camps serve?

SPARC camps serve students ages 4 – 18 in various programs throughout the summer. Students should be the minimum age listed by the first day of camp. Please check our website to see which programs might be the right fit for your student.

Where are SPARC Camps located?

SPARC camps and classes are located all around the metro Richmond area. Some take place on campus here at SPARC (2106 N. Hamilton St. Richmond, VA 23230) while others take place at satellite locations in the Near and Far West End, Bon Air, and Midlothian/Chesterfield areas.

What are my payment options?

  1. Pay in full at the time of registration using a credit or debit card.
  2. Create a payment plan. With the implementation of CourseStorm, our new class enrollment software, you can elect to sign onto an automated payment plan. You’ll see the details of each payment plan listed along with camp descriptions. CourseStorm determines payment plan details based on the cost of the program and the amount of time between when you sign up and when the camp starts. Payment plans are set up to be paid in full by the first day of camp.
  3. Apply for scholarship. SPARC offers scholarships through an application-based process. You can learn more about that process and view the online application on this page.

What if the camp I want is full?

If the camp that you are interested in registering for is full, you’ll be able to add your name to a waiting list. If a spot opens, we will let you know as soon as possible!

What is the refund/ cancellation policy on camps?

What is the refund/cancellation policy on camps?

    1. For cancellations made until 5PM on February 14, 2024, you will receive a full refund of the tuition paid, minus a $25 administrative fee and a 4% nonrefundable vendor processing fee.
    2. For cancellations made between 5:01PM on February 14, 2024 and until four weeks before the start of your chosen camp, you will receive a 50% refund, minus a 4% non-refundable vendor processing fee. In the case of partial payments totaling less than 50% of the cost of the camp, no refund will be given. (Specific cutoff dates for your chosen camp will be listed in your receipt upon enrolling.)
    3. For cancellations made with less than four weeks’ notice before the start of your chosen camp, no refund will be provided.
    4. No refunds or reimbursements will be offered for missed days of camp.

My student has allergies, how do I let you know?

Please make sure to note any allergies on your registration form. There is also a place on the registration form to share other important information about your camper. All SPARC camps are NUT-FREE.

My student has a learning disability or other disability. Would SPARC camp be a good fit for them?

SPARC is dedicated to serving every student in the Richmond community. We want to support our students as best we can, so if you are interested in a specific camp, please feel free to reach out to us to talk about which camps might be a good fit for them.

What if my student needs medication during the day?

SPARC is not authorized to administer medicine except in an emergency (i.e. Epi Pens, CPR, etc.). Should your child need medication throughout the day, and they are able to administer it themselves (i.e.insulin), then that is permitted. If a medication needs to be given that the camper cannot administer themselves, arrangements will need to be made for a parent or other trusted adult to come to camp and administer the medication.

Are meals provided at camp?

No, each student must bring nut-free meals and snacks to camp each day. Refer to your camp guide for more information about the meal breaks at each camp.

Does SPARC offer transportation?

SPARC is not able to provide transportation to and from camp. You’re welcome to coordinate carpool options with a friend or neighbor, or let SPARC know if you’d like help coordinating rides with other participants at camp.

Is an audition required for my student to attend camp?

No audition is required for students to participate in SPARC camps. During camp, the students will likely have an informal assessment of their skills to see where they might be most comfortable and successful in a final share, but no audition is required for participation in camp. All students will be given an opportunity to be featured in their final performance!

How early may I drop off my child for camp?

Drop-off begins 10 minutes before the start of the camp day, unless you have opted for Early Arrival (if provided at your camp’s location). If you are taking part in Early Arrival care, drop-off begins at the time listed, and no earlier.

What are Early Arrival and Extended Afternoon and what activities take place during them?

Early Arrival and Extended Afternoon are features to summer camps that SPARC offers to families who need flexibility for dropping off and picking up their students. The cost for each varies between camps, based on duration, and can be added at registration. This time is for students to get ready for the day or to unwind after a busy day of camp. Camp material is not taught or reviewed by instructors during this time since not all campers are present. During Early Arrival and Extend Afternoon, students may have snack, outdoor/playground time, some screen time, reading time, or time to relax. Small personal items from home are permitted for use during Early Arrival and Extended Afternoon.

Can I sign up for Early Arrival or extended Afternoon after I enroll or after the program has begun?

If the camp you are attending offers Early Arrival or Extended Afternoon, you may sign up after the program has begun, but the cost cannot be prorated. If you need to add these options, contact SPARC at sparc@sparcrichmond.org.

What should I do if my student wants to be in a specific camp/ location with a friend?

Please make sure to prioritize coordinating with friends and family whom your student would like to be in camp with before registering. We are not able to guarantee any changes to location once registration has begun and camps fill to capacity.

Should you have any other questions, please email us at sparc@sparcrichmond.org


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