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How did you first learn of SPARC?
We first learned of SPARC while we were living in Ohio.  We moved to Ohio for a short time, while my husband finished out his contract at a hospital.  During that time Patrick was dating one of SPARC Live Art participants, so we went to her performance.  At the end of the
performance, once I collected myself and dried the tears (of love), I was determined that our family get involved.  Patrick was the first to attend SPARC classes, then his sisters participated in a SPARC camp.  The during his third year in Live Art, he was joined by his sisters, Chloe and Samantha.  This year will be Patrick’s fourth year of participating in what I consider a life changing event.

What has exposure to performing arts and SPARC meant to your family, particularly Patrick?
Performing arts has always been appreciated by our family, whether we have directly participated or have been supporters.  Incorporating SPARC into our appreciation of the performing arts has taken our appreciation to an extremely personal level.  Patrick has been involved in several activities outside of school, however he has never had the opportunity to participate in the performing arts alongside other peers with amazing abilities.  Every year our family is lifted to an incredible level of peace when we go to a Live Art production.  The word “hope” is what always comes to mind.

How has Patrick grown due to his participation in SPARC’s LIVE ART program?
Patrick’s sense of purpose and autonomy has grown substantially since his participation in Live Art.  In the beginning of his time in the Live Art program, I was intrigued by the overall process of the program, and more so perplexed as to how it was going to come together. The Live Art production is an incredible production, and I believe it is even more incredible to those of us who watch its construction throughout the year.   Patrick has learned accountability, professionalism, and the importance of working as a team under amazing instruction.

Why you have chosen to support SPARC with a financial donation?
Since our family became involved with SPARC and Live Art, I have always said, “If we ever have our own company we will financially support SPARC”.  My husband and I took a leap of faith and started our own plastic surgery practice this past July.  We want to give back to our community; and a sure way of accomplishing this is by supporting the organizations that help our community.  We love SPARC!