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Hello Readers,

Hope your New Year is off to a fantastic start!

We have been busy planning and executing a fun-filled semester at SPARC. For starters, the casts of our spring production, Legally Blonde Jr., have begun rehearsing and excitement is in the air.  In addition, our spring training classes have begun, and the SPARC building is bustling with enthusiastic students. This semester, our students were able to choose from the many classes we offered including Acting Techniques, Musical Theatre for Beginners, and Musical Theatre Prep. It is wonderful to have so many students participate in our programs, as their excitement is simply contagious. Live Art classes are also well underway, and the students are working diligently to prepare for their June show.

This semester, I will be teaching in a plethora of SPARC classes, after school drama clubs, and in our STAGES program. I cannot wait to share what we accomplish!

This week, in our Musical Theatre for Beginners class, the students practiced the notion of setting goals and “going the distance,” to achieve them.  Next, in our Musical Theatre Prep class, our students entered into the magical world of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.  A highlight of the class was when, much to our surprise, Willy Wonka, walked into our classroom!  When we asked, “Mr. Wonka, what are you doing so far away from your chocolate factory?”  — He paused, took off his top hat, and giggled. We laughed in unison, as we realized he was one of our students!  Needless to say, it was a very unique and comical way to begin the semester.

In addition to participating in our training classes, I have also been working at both Collegiate School and Northstar Academy with their after school drama club meetings.  At Collegiate, we introduced our students to the song, Green Eggs and Ham from the musical, Seussical.  Will, my co-teacher, and I thought this would be a great song to practice during our time together since the majority of students were already familiar with Dr. Seuss.  Before we were able to introduce the song, one of our returning students screeched with excitement, “I REMEMBER YOU! YOU’RE MR. WILL AND MS. LAINA!”  I was touched and felt like a celebrity at that exact moment. As the class settled, we enthusiastically played the Green Eggs and Ham song, and instantly, the students began confidently singing along with us. Because these students have such high energy and determination, I predict they will be ready to conquer any stage by the end of this semester.

At NorthStar Academy, we are working with students to create a musical theatre piece, which will be featured at their Spring talent show. In addition, we are also teaching the students about all aspects of theatre. Before our first class ended, we asked the students to share songs they would like to include in their talent show piece.  It was moving to see them brainstorming and sharing their favorite songs.  Stay tuned for updates on both drama club projects.

Thank you for your interest in SPARC! We’re are thrilled to share our programs with you.

Until next time,