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We’re seeking an organized, responsible, enthusiastic team player to manage the front of house operations for SPARC’s season of productions.

Application Deadline: April 1

The Front of House Manager is a new position to lead and organize the front of house operations for SPARC’s season of productions. When patrons visit a SPARC show, we know they’ll be impressed with the students and production, so we want them to be just as impressed with their experience visiting SPARC.The position reports to the Office Manager and Executive Assistant (Susan Wermus), and will be a highly responsible leader who will “own” the patron experience and ensure smooth and safe operations during the runs of our shows.

The position is a part-time, periodic position, with most activity occurring shortly before and during each show run. We anticipate approximately 10 hours of work within the few weeks prior to a show run, and approximately 10 hours for each week of the show run. The position is paid $20 per hour, and does not include any other employment benefits. Those already holding other part-time/adjunct positions with SPARC are eligible to apply for this role, as well, provided it does not conflict with other duties.

While the Front of House Manager’s duties do not require him/her to be present during the show run, this is an on-call position and must be available to go to SPARC at a moment’s notice during a show run, either to cover for absent staff/volunteers or to solve problems. The Manager may choose to put himself/herself into one of the staffing positions (house manager, bartender/concessions seller, etc.) for extra pay.



  • Positive attitude. Our team succeeds when all members have a can-do spirit, are fun to be around, and do not complain, make excuses, or gossip.
  • Self-starter, self-manager. We need someone who takes initiative, anticipates needs, and gets things done on time.
  • Positive communicator. We want someone who can be counted on to focus on the positive, inspire the team, value his/her colleagues, and have enthusiasm for representing SPARC at our performances.
  • Trustworthy. Our team and constituents need to be able to count on the follow-through and responsiveness of the person in this role.
  • Decisive. Though senior leadership is always available to support you with sensitive problems, we need someone comfortable making decisions and judgment calls.
  • Adaptive. We need someone who is able to handle unexpected situations in stride, and who is prepared and capable to step in for a member of his/her team at a moment’s notice.
  • Committed to excellence. We give our students, families, faculty, and the community a “wow experience” with SPARC at every opportunity.


  • Experience: Past experience in front of house positions (management or employee) is preferred but not required.
  • Technical: Facility with Microsoft Office.
  • Transportation: Possesses a car, valid driver’s license, and acceptable driving record.
  • Enthusiasm for details, organization, and deadlines.


1. Recruit, train, schedule, and supervise front of house staff (box office manager, bartender) and volunteers (ticket scanners, ushers).
NOTE: Provided it does not conflict with other duties, the Front of House Manager can schedule himself/herself to fill any of the paid or volunteer front of house positions and receive additional pay equal to what would have been paid otherwise for the same position.
2. Keep stocked all concessions and supplies, including themed concessions when appropriate, and prepare price lists, cash box, etc. Procure a cake or other celebration for the cast and audience on opening night.
3. Prepare ticketing system for online sales by proofing production setup, adding logos and descriptions, and providing information to website editor and social media manager.
4. Serve as the lead on box office inquiries (other staff are cross-trained to fill these duties when you are not available), especially for ticket exchanges and ADA seating.
5. Be on call during performances to support front of house staff by phone, and if needed, to report to SPARC to solve problems. This includes covering a position for which a staff member or volunteer has not been found or who cancels or does not show up at the last minute.
6. Help prepare the facility for the opening of show runs, and be present during opening night of each show to ensure smooth operations and a welcoming team to greet guests.
7. In concert with the production department and resident faculty, ensure that sufficient copies of the show program are printed for each performance.
8. Other duties as assigned by the Office Manager and Executive Assistant or Executive Director.

To Apply

To apply, please submit the following materials to sparc@sparconline.org by April 1:

  • Cover letter and PDF of your resume
  • Contact information for personal and professional references

If you’re not a candidate, please share this with others who you think might be a good fit!