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In-Person Class FAQs

What are SPARC’s pandemic safety precautions?

  • Face coverings that fit securely over the nose and mouth are required of everyone, regardless of a person’s vaccination status or whether a class is held indoors or outdoors.
  • Proof of COVID-19 vaccination is required for all of SPARC’s staff, teaching artists, and volunteers.
  • Class sizes will be reduced to allow for greater social distancing and to minimize new contacts made during class.
  • Parents/guardians, special guests, etc. are not permitted inside the building during SPARC classes. This is to limit the number of people gathered indoors in one place. Details about pick-up and drop-off procedures will be communicated prior to the first day of class. If you believe your child has a medical or behavioral concern that requires your nearby support during class time, kindly contact our office.
  • High-touch surfaces will be disinfected regularly throughout the day. Minimal items will be shared between students and will be disinfected between uses.
  • Air purifiers are actively running in each studio.
  • Specific traffic patterns at drop-off and pick-up help to reduce contacts made with other classes.
  • Social distancing will be reinforced in all classes. SPARC will observe the following social distancing guidelines:
    • 3 ft. between people for indoor classes that don’t involve singing
    • 6 ft. between people for indoor classes that do involve singing

Is SPARC conducting health screenings before class?

SPARC will not initially require health screenings for students to attend class. Current CDC guidelines indicate that with continued use of masks and social distancing, health screenings are not necessary. However, SPARC may reintroduce health screenings at any time.

Students and their families should work together before coming to SPARC to assess how the members of their household are feeling and determine whether anyone is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19. If a student or member of their household is experiencing combined symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, runny nose, fatigue, headache, loss of sense of taste or smell, achy body, etc.) then they should stay home and communicate the absence to the SPARC staff.  Click here for a tool to assist with self-assessment.

What should we do before we leave for class at SPARC? 

To ensure we have as safe an environment as possible, some amenities SPARC typically provides will not be available. With that in mind, before you leave for SPARC you should:

  1. Check on how you’re feeling. If anyone in your house has a fever of 100°F or higher or feels sick, please stay home.
  2. Fill your water bottle and triple-check that you have it! Hydration is important, and our water fountains are disconnected until the COVID pandemic is over.
  3. Grab your face covering(s) and PPE! 
  4. Make sure you have your class materials. Some classes will have a materials list or materials provided at the beginning of term by SPARC.



Email us at sparc@sparcrichmond.org or call 804.353.3393.